Kristoffer Lawrence Cadevida, 35, who is professionally known as Kris Lawrence, has been very active in the music industry. Still, the R&B singer manages to find time to spend with his daughter Katrence Lawrnce Halili Davedida, 5.

In 2017, Lawrence had a successful concert with his friends Billy Crawford and Jay R titled “Soul Brothers.” In 2018, Lawrence will have a concert with Kuh Ledesma, 62, Isabella Gonzalez, 33, and Gabby Concepcion, 52.

Isabella Gonzalez, Kuh Ledesma, Kris Lawrence

Titled “Love Matters,” the concert of Lawrence, Ledesma, Gonzalez and Concepcion was originally intended as pre-Valentine’s Day concert scheduled on February 13, 2018. However, its producer ALV Talent Circuit postponed it indefinitely.

Lawrence, Ledesma and Gonzalez attended the “Love Matters” press conference on January 29, 2018. During the event, Lawrence talked about his only daughter.

While Lawrence wants to become a strict father, it is difficult because Katrence is too cute. He said his daughter does funny things and he finds it hard not to laugh so that the little girl would take him seriously.

“My daughter is very… She has power over me,” the R&B singer said. “My daughter has power over me. It’s hard to be the strict one because, you know, she’s so cute.”

Katrina Halili, 32, former girlfriend of Lawrence, gave birth to Katrence on September 18, 2012. Lawrence and Halili are still in good terms although they did not end up together.

Here is a clip featuring Lawrence during the “Love Matters” press conference:


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