As a mother, “Wildflower” actress Aiko Melendez, 41, considers herself as a protective one. In fact, she does not allow Andrei Yllana, 18, her son with Jomari Yllana, 41, to watch porn in their house.

During a sit-down interview with Melendez on Aug. 24, Thursday, at Limbaga 77 Café Restaurant in Quezon City, the actress mentioned how advanced technology now is. I asked the actress to give some advice to parents when it comes to controlling their children’s use of technology.

(Conan Altatis, Aiko Melendez)

The first thing that came to Melendez’s mind was that parents should lock the porn sites. She confessed that she used to know Andrei’s password and she was once caught by her son checking his internet browsing history. When asked what she was doing, she told her son she was just checking if he was visiting porn sites.

Andrei then told his mother that it was embarrassing. Melendez told her son that it was for his own good so her son argued that he was already of age and knew how to take care of himself. But for the “Wildflower” actress, as long as Andrei is in her house, she makes the rules.

Currently, finding someone to love romantically is not Melendez’s priority. She said she is satisfied with the love she is getting from her children.

In 2000, Melendez married Jomari but they separated in 2003. Andrei was born in 1999.

In 2006, Melendez married Martin Jickain but their marriage was annulled in 2010. Their daughter Marthena Jickain, 11, was born in 2006.

Melendez is one of the actresses who manage to find the balance between work and family. While making sure she spends quality time with Andrei and Marthena, she is still one of the most prolific actresses of today.

On the small screen, Melendez plays Emilia Ardiente-Torillo, the main antagonist of the ABS-CBN revenge drama series “Wildflower.” Her co-stars include Maja Salvador, Sunshine Cruz, Joseph Marco, Tirso Cruz III, Wendell Ramos and RK Bagatsing. Watch a clip from my interview with Melendez here: 


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