Brillante Mendoza's AMO is officially the first Filipino series on Netflix.

AMO is a 13-episode series which bears the acclaimed auteur’s patented gritty, hard-hitting, cinema vérité style of storytelling. Starring Derek Ramsay, Vince Rillon, Allen Dizon and Felix Roco.

AMO will be made available globally to Netflix viewers starting April 9.

The series was initially set to premiere on TV5 last year Aug. 25 when Netflix acquired it from TV5.

A first on Philippine television. Catch it on 5 this April 21.

Isang napapanahong serye ang hatid sa inyo ng TV5, in partnership with multi-awarded film director Brillante Mendoza.

Written by Troy Espiritu

Episode 1: “The Runner”
Set against the background of the Philippine government’s war on drugs, JOSEPH is a High School student and a member of a local street gang peddling crystal meth on his spare time. On this night, Joseph and his gang-mate, JAY is caught in a big police raid in Sto. Rosario that will change his life.

Episode 2: “The Officer”
Police officer CAMILO pulls strings with the police chief to bail out his nephew, Joseph. As local authorities’ crackdown suspected drug personalities in the area as adherence to Oplan Tokhang, Camilo bribes the community leader to cross Joseph off the list.

Episode 3: “The Traitor”
Now with a clear name, Joseph discovers a traitor among their gang that will cause the life of their gang mate, RODEL.

Episode 4: “The Execution”
Joseph and his gang lays-out a plan to liquidate the traitor, Jay. The gang murders Jay in a dark alleyway with Joseph leaving a cardboard note on his lifeless body with a written note -
Adik Ako. Huwag Tularan. (Beware. I’m a drug addict)”

Episode 5: “The Cheater”
Weeks after the Jay’s killing, Joseph transfers to her sister’s apartment in Manila to avoid further conflict with the law. However, he will be introduced to a bigger crime scheme by his brother-in-law, BINO, who is a big time Shabu distributor.

Episode 6: “The Drug”
A police encounter led to the killing of HOWARD, a high-end drug peddler who party drugs around clubs in Metro Manila. GENER, a big time drug lord, orders his subordinate Bino to stop distributing Shabu for the meantime and fill the spot that Howard left with the help of Joseph.

Episode 7: “The Party”
Joseph, with the help of his gang-mate EDGAR and TISOY peddles high-end party drugs inside the club. But a previous incident in the club triggers the police team led by RODRIGO execute a buy-bust operation that will lead to Edgar’s arrest.

EPISODE 8: “The Operation”
Bino covers-up Joseph and Tisoy tracks by selling Joseph’s motorcycle to his friend in Maharlikha Village. But Rodrigo and his team pursue a manhunt operation leading to Bino’s viscous death.

EPISODE 9: “The Asset”
Rodrigo is re-assigned to PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group in Camp Crame together with Camilo and other junior police officers, RAMON and MARIO. Under the orders of their superior, COL. VICTOR MALAYA, the team tracks a big time Japanese drug lord, TAKEO through the help of their asset, CHRISTINA.

EPISODE 10: “The Kidnap”
Rodrigo and his team kidnaps Takeo under the guise of a legitimate arrest with the help of their asset Christina. But things turn out sour when the Camilo orders Rodrigo to liquidate Christina.

EPISODE 11: “The Cover-up”
The media leak an exposé about an alleged kidnapping of a Japanese national. Victor orders Rodrigo and the team to cover their tracks by killing Takeo inside Camp Crame.

EPISODE 12: “The Whistleblower”
Christina is revealed to be alive, living under the radar as a bet collector of illegal numbers game. Frightened for her life, Christina returns to Asako and reports the incident to the media leading to the discovery of Rodrigo and the team’s involvement to the case and the murder of Takeo.

EPISODE 13: “The Escape”

With the whole country shocked by the gruesome death of Takeo, Camilo escapes the botched modus and asks Col. Victor Malaya’s help to evade the law.

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Directed by Brillante Mendoza



Here are some BTS;

Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment company, known for huge hits like Narcos, Riverdale, The Crown, House Of Cards, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror, has acquired AMO, a TV5-produced show set against the backdrop of the government’s drug war, is the first-ever TV series from the Philippines to be on Netflix.

AMO will be available worldwide starting April 9, 2018.

 Helmed by Cannes Award-winning director Brillante Mendoza, AMO tells the story of Joseph, a high school student who starts out as a small-time “shabu” peddler, whose involvement in the drug trade eventually gets him entangled in the violent and dangerous circle of drug lords, crooked cops, and corrupt government officials.

 “AMO is a bold and suspenseful show that has the potential of capturing thrill-seeking audiences worldwide,” said Robert Roy, VP of Content Acquisition at Netflix.

“We’re always seeking to work with passionate, talented storytellers like Mr. Mendoza, to bring premium content to the more than 117 million Netflix members around the world.”

 TV5 President & CEO, Chot Reyes, proudly says, “We at TV5 are excited to finally be able to share AMO with everyone.

Brillante has done a beautiful job in bringing paper to life, and the show’s acquisition provides an additional platform to help share the first-ever Filipino series on Netflix to a worldwide audience."

 Starring in the series is Vince Rillon, an upcoming indie film actor from the movies Captive, Fallback, and Bagahe.

He is supported by award-winning actor Derek Ramsay, a veteran of many popular movies and TV shows.

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