Together with Yellow Cab Pizza as a new title sponsor, Challenge Philippines now goes to CamSur. Aside from giving triathletes their ultimate racing experience, the Yellow Cab Challenge Philippines will help boost the country’s tourism, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

The race is set on June 14, 2015. You may register and join through http:/bit.ly/30YearsOfRoth

David Voth, the chief executive officer of Leverage Sports Asia, organiser of the Challenge Philippines Race announced on Tuesday that they are designing and redefining the CamSur course to be the fastest course and hottest course. 

It is going to be the fastest course in the Philippines and one of the fastest in Asia, the press conference was held at the 55 Events Place in Quezon City.

Challenge Philippines Triathlon launches new international race, Yellow Cab Pizza takes title sponsorship. Present during the press-con are the following: Eric Imperio - race consultant, Jumbo Tayag - Director, Kenneth Romero - Director, David Both - CEO, Leverage Sports Asia, Boy Quejada - COO, Yellow Cab Pizza, Camsur Governor Lray Villafuerte, Anna Stroth - Event Director and Michael Murphy - Triathlete

Triathlon: Improving lives, changing habits

Triathlon is not just a race, it’s a lifestyle.

Different people trying out triathlons have varying reasons why they get into races but whether it’s for fun or to stay fit and healthy, one should keep in mind that he should really commit himself to it to reap the benefits.

Now on its second year in the country, Challenge Philippines is partnering with leading pizza chain, Yellow Cab, to bring a more exciting and unique triathlon event that will draw thousands of international and local athletes.

Being known for giving spectacular and iconic locations, global series Challenge Family is attracting people who are successful in their professional careers who find time for an active and healthy lifestyle.


"The 2014 Challenge Philippines race course in Bataan was proclaimed by many around the world as being the ‘World's Toughest Course.’ Our goal for Challenge Camsur is to design and deliver one of the fastest courses in Asia," Voth said. 

“We in the province of CamSur are proud to be part of the Challenge Family Global Series and we are looking forward to host the CamSur Challenge triathlon next year as a banner event of Challenge Philippines,” CamSur Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte said. 

Being the host of the first major international triathlon event sanctioned by the World Triathlon Corporation in the country in 2009, and this was for three consecutive years until 2011, our contribution to the growth of triathlon in the Philippines is substantive. This has established for us a solid international reputation in terms of hosting world-class triathlon events.”
Villafuerte pointed out that Camsur holds a unique draw when it comes to hosting such international sporting events.
“There is strong government support and we are able to offer a complete and integrated package… To add to all these is the enthusiasm and involvement of the local residents who go out as early as 4 a.m. and line the race routes to cheer for the competitors,” Villfuerte said.
Anna Stroh, event director of Challenge Philippines and Challenge CamSur said: "Giving our athletes an opportunity to compete at highest levels, in a well-organized, safe, and beautiful destinations, is our primary goal.”
Challenge Philippines Triathlon in Subic Bay and Bataan and Challenge CamSur will be held on Feb. 21 and June 14, respectively.

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