The first day of June the web magazine posted about  The Bottle School Run.
Here are updates for that event, pictures to follow.

Here are the 10K Results of The Bottle School Run in order , name and time.
1.  1009  Bernardo Desamito        35:48
2.  1380  Carlito Pantillaga            36:51
3.  1008  Reynaldo Delos Reyes   37:15

1.   1182  Jennelyn Surdilla            44:56
2.   1560  Miriam Miranda             45:59
3.   1724  Mirasol Abad                  46:41

One sunny Sunday morning runners, advocates, celebrities and cameras gathered to celebrate an event for a cause and activity which makes a difference to the lives of others. One of the celebrities spotted was Beauty queen Miriam Quiambao. I am a great fun of her that's why I did look for her in the running lane. She looks great even without make up, even under the heat, even she sweats a lot, and the way she runs it was so sexy.

The whole run was a success, there were so many bottles donated for the construction of the bottle school. Award winning social entrepreneur Illac Diaz said that the run doesn't  end at the finish line but it was the start of building a better nation. The run didn't end at the starting point but it was the step to make a difference to the lives of others.

Another advocate who also gave his support was Paul Zialcita and his aqua-drums, together with his aqua-drummers they were able to share to share the music that comes from the sound of bottles. Coach Rio dela Cruz also came to give his support.

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