Ruffa Gutierrez topbills TV5's 5-Star Specials

After the brilliant portrayal of the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano in TV5's weekly drama anthology "5-Star Specials," the luster continues as Ruffa Gutierrez proves her acting versatility starting next week, April 26, as she takes on the spotlight in "5-Star Specials Presents...Ruffa."

Making a small-screen comeback with former love team Zoren Legaspi after their successful team up on the big screen at the 2009 MMFF box-office hit Shake Rattle and Roll, Ruffa once again showcases her acting prowess with her convincing portrayal of a miserable housewife who tries to win her husband back but ironically becomes 'the other woman' in its premiere episode entitled "For Better or For Worse."

In this drama special directed by Eric Quizon, Ruffa plays the role of Sally—a loveable yet woeful housewife whose beauty and sparkle was lost to exhausting herself in her small business. She wakes up one day, wretched, to find out that her husband Andy (played by Zoren Legaspi) is leaving her for another woman named Iris—a younger and sexier girl to be played by Carlene Aguilar.

With the help of her friend Kaye (Joanne Quintas), Sally regains her self-confidence. But a few years later, Sally and Andy unexpectedly cross each other's paths, still reminiscent of their romantic past. But even before they rekindle old flames, a web of complications starts to be woven against them, including Iris's announcement that she is pregnant with Andy's child.

The next presentation will feature Ruffa as a seductive and mysterious woman who will charm a widower played by Philip Salvador as directed by Direk Argel Joseph. The rest will also be directed by top Filipino TV and movie directors such as Direk Joey Reyes and Ms. Laurice Guillen.

Will Sally and Andy still be able to get back together in the midst of myriad complications? Find out as Ruffa takes on this dramatic persona in the premiere episode of 5-Star Specials Presents...Ruffa on April 26, Monday at 8:00PM on TV5.

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