An old barren couple goes to the Obando Fertility Rites to petition for a child.

A few years later, the wife conceives miraculously despite her age, but undergoes a difficult pregnancy which is life threatening to both her and her unborn child.

She suffers from hypertension and delivers prematurely, causing a huge risk to her newborn child. After a month of enduring the hardships of caring for a premature baby at the hospital, the couple are finally able to bring home their baby and become a family.

Anak is part of Brillante Mendoza Presents, a collection of films made for television that merge together Filipino culture and Filipino stories. It airs once a month on TV5. Last month was PANATA

Romnick Sarmenta, Harlene Bautista, Perla Bautista, Bea Saw, Gay Quililan

Brillante Mendoza with his cinematic genius reminds us once more of the beauty and pain that entails raising a family and of what adversities childless couples are willing to endure and struggle through to fulfil their dream of bearing a child. 

It also highlights the Pinoy religious fervor as reflected by strong faith and trust in miracles and divine intervention.


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