Clint Eastwood, who was President of the Jury in 1994, is in Cannes from May 19th to 21st. On the 20th he was at the Debussy Theatre to present the restored copy of Unforgiven, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the Festival with Warner.

On the 21st, he inaugurated the 70th ANNIVERSARY MASTERCLASS with a discussion in the company of American critic Kenneth Turan in the Buñuel screening room.

The legendary actor and director freely commented on his films, childhood and beginnings. Several standing ovations electrified the room.

Patron of La Fabrique Cinéma de l'Institut français 2017 

Brillante Mendoza is the 2017 patron of La Fabrique Cinéma de l'Institut français (formerly known as the Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde).

This choice shows the Institut français’s commitment to cultural diversity and dialogue, which are central to its activities.

Brillante Mendoza returns to the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival on May 21 to 23 not as a participant, but as a mentor to 10 upcoming directors from countries worldwide.

The Institut Français has invited Mendoza to be the "Parrain" or "Godfather" of the La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde during the Festival.

As Parrain, Brillante will share his own experience and bring a unique support to a new generation of directors, selected for their talent, daring attitude and perseverance. 

Brillante Mendoza, who follows in the footsteps of Jia Zhang-Ke, is one of Asia’s most renowned contemporary filmmakers, and has won awards at the Festival de Cannes. He will support the directors and producers taking part in La Fabrique Cinéma at Cannes by helping them to develop and finalize their first and second feature film projects.

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