Filipino Filmmaker Brillante Mendoza is among the three directors tapped by Tokyo International Film Festival and Japan Foundation to create “Asian three-fold mirror; Reflections” a trilogy that depicts the intertwining of stories among Asian nations. Asian Collaboration Brings Out the Best of All Worlds

The collaboration, which will continue until the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, brings together Asian directors of global renown to create portraits of a character living in the region who is connected in some manner to another Asian country, and requires that they shoot on location in an Asia.

The rest was left up to the directors, who reflected unique perspectives on their own nation’s society and culture, like the images in a three-fold mirror. Under lead producer Takeo Hisamatsu, the films are being created to help deepen mutual understanding and empathy through the powerful medium of cinema, and to provide opportunities to explore today’s Asian identity and ways of living.

What were the biggest discoveries for the directors? 

For Brillante Ma Mendoza, shooting for the first time outside his native Philippines to make SHINUMA (Dead Horse), the greatest discovery was that even a flight cancellation in snowy Hokkaido could be incorporated into his film, with cast and crew adapting readily to the change.

For Japanese director Isao Yukisada, who shot his film Pigeon in Malaysia, it was the realization that each nation’s crew has its own shooting culture, but that the best collaborative filmmaking should make room for both.

For Sotho Kulikar, whose Beyond the Bridge was lensed in her native Cambodia, it was that the cultures of Japan and Cambodia merged comfortably in the course of creating the film.


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