Opening soon this September 7 from 20th Century Fox.

Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie stars in thrilling action film 'Morgan'.

Morgan’s de facto family including Amy, Morgan’s psychoanalyst, played by Rose Leslie is quick to defend Morgan’s continued existence but does not sit well with the company’s troubleshooter, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara).

“Morgan” was shot at the old Britvic Plant in Belfast, and in the Tollymore Forest, in Bryansford.

In the gripping, fast-paced action “Morgan” directed by Luke Scott, Kate Mara along with Rose Leslie and Michelle Yeoh star in a a thrilling, visceral and intense movie-going experience that explores the dangers of reproducing a human being far more advance than its creators.

Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the titular role of Morgan, at one month, she (it) was walking and talking; at six months, she exceeded her creators’ wildest expectations.  '

Morgan is enigmatic and unpredictable—a lab-created being with emotional capacity and conflicting traits that blur the line between being human and synthetic.

Morgan - Rose Leslie, Kate Mara 2016


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