'Maaga pa lang gawing October 31 ang deadline of submission of finished product' says Boots Anson Roa., MMDA chair Emerson Carlos with MMFF execom members Wilson Tieng of Solar Pictures.

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is an annual Filipino movie festival held on December 25 until the first week of January. The 2016 MMFF marks the festival’s 42nd year.

On a mission to celebrate the Filipino’s artistic excellence, and to champion the sustainability of the Philippine film industry, the MMFF pronounced a cinematic revolution or #reelvolution – and everyone is part of the improvement.

In this year’s first quarter, the MMFF refitted its board of directors, coalescing high-ranking representatives from the country’s public and private sectors to create the 2016 executive committee. 

The board begun its term by a launch introducing an exciting line-up of activities and a new selection criteria for submitting filmmakers. 

The conditions for the choice of finalists are built on story, audience appeal, overall impact (40%), cinematic attributes and technical excellence (40%), global appeal (10%), and Filipino sensibility (10%).

The new MMFF starts off its official launch by inviting all Filipino artists to take part in the logo design and thee song contest that will set the mood for the entire MMFF. 

The winner of the logo competition will be chosen by the new executive committee; the artist will not only design the festival’s new emblem but will also be asked to create the key art visuals for the entire 6-month campaign. 

The theme song will be a signal banner for the festival; seasoned composers Jimmy Bondoc, Jerrold Tarog, and Robert Rivera will select the winning piece. 

Entries for logo and theme song submission will be welcome by July 15 until August 15. 

Victors of the competition will be announced by the 15th of September.

The 2016 MMFF has redesigned its current season to honor the hard work of the Philippine film industry, while creating a bigger and sustained experience for December’s most awaited family affair. 

To develop audiences for and encourage the production of quality Filipino films, the 2016 MMFF is elevating the festival’s annual activities creating a more experiential difference fans will surely enjoy. 

Beginning with a travelling installation, the MMFF will launch an MMFF corner that will allow old and new fans alike to relive the country’s most glorious films through interactive galleries. 

Simultaneously, the MMFF will hold the “Best of the Best” fest in select theatres, giving a chance for fans to recall the movies that added much color to the Filipino film industry. 

The FanCon will give the audience an opportunity to interact with the directors, producers, and artists as they explore the upcoming movie exhibits and activities. The annual parade of the stars will be a bigger and more interactive fan fair. 

The revered awards night will transform into a formal gala. Unlike past years, the MMFF will announce the winner at the end of the festival. 

To be held on January 8, 2017, the jurors have added more honors in this year’s culminating event, such as the People’s Choice Award.

The 2016 Metro Manila Film Fest is going through a #reevolution, and you are part of it. For more information on the MMFF, visit www.mmff.com.ph or follow @mmffofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

MMFF Vision Statement

A festival that celebrated Filipino artistic excellence, promotes audience development, and champions the sustainability of the Philippine film industry.

MMFF Mission Statement

To develop audiences for and encourage the production of quality Filipino films and to promote the welfare of its workers.

2016 MMFF Film Submission Criteria

·      Story, audience appeal, overall impact (40%) – overall excellence in storytelling, measured by how successfully a film transforms its artistic vision into a vital and movement engagement with its audience.

·      Cinematic attributes and technical excellence (40%) – the degree of creative and technical accomplishment in all departments, such as writing, directing, acting, editing, production design, cinematography, sound and music.

·      Global appeal (10%) – the extent to which a film’s story, characters, and themes resonate with audiences from all walks of like and break through barriers of race, class and gender.

·      Filipino sensibility (10%) – the extent to which a film’s story, characters, and themes reflecy and interpret the Filipino experience

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