HARD Rock Café (HRC) celebrates the burger season with a special menu showcasing international Local Legendary Burgers. This special menu is available from now until the end of July 2016.

HRC’s World Burger Tour was a fan favorite last summer so they remixed the menu and added burgers with authentic, regional flavors from around the globe. 

It should be noted that HRC is known to serve fantastic burgers since its first café opened in London 44 years ago and their global reach allows them to celebrate this culinary phenomenon like no other restaurant.

Included in HRC’s Local Legendary Burger menu are Aloha Burger from Honolulu, Hawaii; Cuban Burger from Miami; El Toro Burger from Spain; English Breakfast Burger from England; Hollywood Burger from Los Angeles; and Tango Salsa Burger from Argentina among many others.

HRC is also featuring a line-up of special drinks that could be paired with its amazing burgers. 

These cocktails include All Jacked Up, Crisp Sipper, Melonpalooza, Sweet and Fiery, and a non-alcoholic mocktail called Black Cherry Melonade.

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