Mother-daughter Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann stars in Brillante Mendoza film Ma' Rosa.

Ma' Rosa is the latest film of Mendoza, in competition for this years Cannes.

The 69th Festival de Cannes will take place from May 11 to 22, 2016.


2007  FOSTER CHILD (Directors’ Fortnight)
2008  SERBIS (In Competition)
2009  KINATAY (In Competition) *won Best Director
2015  TAKLUB  (Un Certain Regard) *won Ecumenical Jury Prize
2016   MA' ROSA (In Competition)

“Ma’ Rosa” stars Julio Diaz,  Jomari Angeles, Jaclyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann, and Felix Roco.

Director Brillante Mendoza with the cast and crew of Ma' Rosa during the last day of shoot.

The film is a story about a small community convenient store connected to their home in the slums of Metropolitan Manila, written by Troy Espiritu.

Photo during the pre-production meeting. Direk Brillante discuss the story with Jaclyn and Andi.

Andi immersed herself to the slums of Metro Manila as part of her character in the story.

Known for not giving scripts to his actors, Direk Brillante instructs Jaclyn to observe the everyday lives in the slums.

ROSA, owns a small community convenient store connected to their home in the slums of Metropolitan Manila. Together with her husband, NESTOR, they use their convenient store as cover-up for selling illegal narcotic, Methamphetamines. 


Their fate changes one Saturday night when their neighbor BONG-BONG, who works as a fly-by-night parking attendant, begs her to sell him a small pack of Methamphetamine without knowing that its a ploy for a pending buy-bust operation leading to Rosa and Nestors warrantless arrest by a police team.

ROSA (Jaclyn Jose) – The family matriarch in her mid-40’s running a small community store that serves as a cover-up for their illegal narcotics transactions.

NESTOR (Julio Diaz) –  Rosa’s Methamphetamine-using husband.

RAQUEL (Andi Eigenmann) – Rosa’s nursing student daughter.

JACKSON (Felix Roco) – The eldest among Rosa’s children and a known bum in their community.

KERWIN (Jomari Angeles) – Rosa’s second son in his late teens.

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