Reposted October 12. Japan Foundation Asia Centre has teamed up with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for this project which comprises of three Asian directors;

Brillante Mendoza (Philippines)

Isao Yukisada (Japan)

and Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia)

The three directors contributes their own short features to the film.

Lou Veloso stars in Brillante Mendoza’s episode, SHINIUMA

Photo by Troy Espiritu
Japanese director Isao Yukisada will have fellow countrymen Masahiko Tsugawa and Masatoshi Nagase along with Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani in his episode, while Japanese actor Masaya Kato and Cambodian actress Chumvan Sodhachivy will be appearing in the episode by Sotho Kulikar of Cambodia.

Veloso plays an Filipino illegal immigrant for decades and has been deported from Japan. Upon returning to Philippines, he just realized a great loss of his identity, family and relatives.

Philippines was the first to finish shooting.

Brillante Mendoza shot in Manila, Cavite, Pampanga (Philippines) and Hokkaido, Japan wherein the last day of shooting was filled with snow and blizzards.

According to Mendoza, it was like shooting a full length film "When I'm shooting my films, it would usually take in one community but this one was like shooting a full movie because we shot in many places; Sta. Ana, Manila; Naic, Cavite; Sto. Tomas, Pampanga and Oibihiro, Hokkaido in Japan"

While Veloso enjoys his experience in Japan. "“I am proud to be part of the Asian Three-Fold Mirror Project, and am especially happy to come to Japan, which is my favorite country. The landscapes of Japan have beauty and discipline,” he says.

TIFF 2015: Isao Yukisada (Japan), Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) and Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia) 

The film will premiere at the 29th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival which will take place from October 25 to November 3, 2016.
It will later be shown on the international film festival circuit.

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