After shooting a film in Japan, Brillante Mendoza goes to Colombia for a retrospective of his films.

Manoro, Lola, Kaleldo, Foster Child, Masahista, Serbis, Thy Womb, Sapi and Taklub were sreened during the Cartagena International Film Festival (FICCI) which took place on March 3-8, 2016.

FICCI, in this occasion honours Brillante Mendzoa with a well-deserved tribute to his works and to the many contributions as a creator he made to the world of film and art in general. 

Brillante Mendoza received on Saturday night an India Catalina Award for his career. The award was granted at the Adolfo Mejia Theater and was the last statuette conferred on the 56th year of FICCI.

As an inspiration to the film industry, Artistic Director Diana Bustamante Escobar presented the India Catalina, a symbol of the festival and an award presented in recent years to personalities such as Isabella Rossellini, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Harvey Keitel, Darren Aronofsky and Kim Ki-duk, among others. 

To accompany this tribute, there was a retrospective of Mendoza's powerful work as a director, and a master class for Colombian young audience, to give the unique opportunity to enjoy his extraordinary work in all its dimensions. 

Actress Susan Sarandon also gave a master class.

The festival is the oldest in Latin America, takes place in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and this year marks it's 56th anniversary.

The City of Cartagena is a Historical Heritage Site given its architecture and history and all FICCI film events are offered free of charge to the public. 

The festival hosts important names in both the national and international film industry as well as members of the press from around the world, but above all, it is a meeting place for the current players in the ebullient Latin American film market to which the festival has, as pioneers, drawn attention since its inception. 

During the past years, other special Guests have included Catherine Deneuve, Alex de la Iglesia, Aaron Eckhart, Benicio del Toro, Claire Denis, Gael García Bernal, Guillermo Arriaga, Jack Nicholson, Olivier Assayas, Raoul Peck, Roman Polanski, Willem Dafoe, Clive Owen, Pawel Pawlikowsky, Rodrigo García Barcha and Raymon Depardon, to name only a few. 

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