The 10th annual Asian Film Awards (AFA) took place at the Venetian Theatre in the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Thursday, March 17, 2016. 

The awards ceremony is hosted every year by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), which consists of three major international film festivals in Asia, the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), the Busan International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. 

AFAA announced the winners and presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Japanese actress Kirin KIKI and Hong Kong action choreographer-director YUEN Wo-ping at the AFA Ceremony. 

Many nominees from Japan were on hand for the event, including director Hirokazu KORE-EDA (Our Little Sister), Ryosuke HASHIGUCHI (Three Stories of Love), actor Masatoshi NAGASE, actor Tadanobu ASANO and actress Ryoko FUJINO.

ASANO won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in Journey To The Shore, and expressed his happiness and thanks in English from the stage.

Kirin KIKI received her Lifetime Achievement Award from director Hirokazu KORE-EDA, with whom she has frequently worked, and delivered a short speech. 

The Best Film Award was given to The Assassin, directed by HOU Hsiao-Hsien. For the full winners list, please refer to the following Awards result.

The 10th AFA attracted participants from all over Asia, and was a great success.


Best Film: The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan) Dir: HOU Hsiao-Hsien

Best Director: HOU Hsiao-Hsien for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Actor: LEE Byung-Hun for Inside Men (South Korea)

Best Actress: SHU Qi for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Supporting Actor: Tadanobu ASANO for Journey To The Shore (Japan)

Best Supporting Actress: ZHOU Yun for in The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Newcomer: Jessie LI for Port Of Call (Hong Kong) 

Best Screenplay: JIA Zhang-Ke for Mountains May Depart (France, Japan, Mainland China)

Best Editing: William CHANG Suk Ping, CHU Ka Yat, LIAO Ching-sung, WONG Hoi, Philip YUNG for Port Of Call (Hong Kong)

Best Cinematographer: Mark LEE Ping-Bing for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Original Music: LIM Giong for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Costume Design: LEE Ji-yeon, SHIM Hyun-seob for The Throne (South Korea)

Best Production Design: HWARNG Wern-ying for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Best Visual Effects: Prasad SUTAR for Bajirao Mastani (India)

Best Sound: CHU Shih-Yi, TU Duu-Chih, WU Shu-Yao for The Assassin (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kirin KIKI (Japan), YUEN Wo-pin

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