Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated celebrations all over the world.

It’s a time when families and friends get together to welcome prosperous and joyful times ahead.

Greeting the year of the Red Fire Monkey, the Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 8.

Designed with this year’s lucky colors, these JOHNNIE WALKER blends become the perfect tokens for Chinese New Year.

JOHNNIE WALKER Red Label Year of the Fire Monkey Special Pack PHP 499 SRP (700 ml)

JOHNNIE WALKER introduces the JOHNNIE WALKER Red Label Year of the Fire Monkey Special Pack.

This pack illustrates the celebrated zodiac sign and features a limited edition JOHNNIE WALKER Red Label bottle.

Its vibrant “light-up” design reflects the upbeat spirit of the Year of the Fire Monkey.

JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve Price Points: P1,700 (750 ml) Known as the brand’s Celebration Blend, JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve’s distinct color symbolizes prosperity and is designed to cater to special occasions.

It is highlighted by a multi-layered combination of sweet fruit flavors that finishes with JOHNNIE WALKER’s signature smoke.

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