Maria Ozawa, Meg Imperial, Yam Concepcion (being interviewed by bloggers)

Read *Interview with Maria Ozawa inside the coaster.

Nilalang producers were on a coaster on their way to the premiere of the film and accidentally hit a car in EDSA that caused traffic trouble.

Watch the video as Maria Ozawa settles the mishap. She turns trouble into a lovely night.

Upon learning that there was trouble outside the car, producers of Nilalang from We Love Post requested Maria Ozawa if she can come down and ask forgiveness to the owner of the car.

'I'm Sorry...I'm Sorry' Maria Ozawa said to the owner. 'We are on our way to the premiere' she adds.

Immediately forgiven, the owner was more than happy to see Maria. It ended up a with a nice picture taking along the road.

'I'm Sorry, please forgive us' Maria Ozawa repeats and gave him complimentary tickets to the film.


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