Maria Ozawa posted before, on her Instagram account that Robin Padilla was "unprofessional" for backing out of "Nilalang" movie 10 days before they were about to start shooting.

Cesar Montano became the replacement for Robin.

Nilalang is an official entry to Metro Manila Film Festival 2015.

At the premiere night of 'Nilalang' Maria Ozawa answers questions on the issue with Robin Padilla.

Will you invite Robin Padilla to watch Nilalang?

This movie? Yeah sure why not.

Of course everybody is invited, why not.

It's a nice movie I want every single person to watch it, and I don't have anything against Robin. I mean I really hope that I could have worked with him.

I just hope to see him in person one day so we can talk about it..or laugh about it.

Learnings from what happened?

I learned a lot from the things that happened..like cultural things. My culture and culture that he has in the Philippines were truly opposite. For what I think it was natural for me to get angry at first, but now I understand the culture here.

Its job, nothing is over work and career...family is like the second thing. That's what I thought, that's what I said it honestly. And when I got to work with other Filipino I've noticed that it was opposite, the family comes first and then the business comes next.

So it was natural for us to have this miscommunication. I felt really sorry.

How did you feel about the bashers?

Oh my God! They hate me for life. Im used to getting bashed in Japan but in here they really trash talk you. I was really shocked by that incident.

But it was a good lesson.


Catch Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano in 'Nilalang' movie starting December 25 in theaters nationwide.

Also starring Meg Imperial, Yam Concepcion, Kiko Matos, Ruby Ruiz.

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