Bea Binene has always been a good example to youth.

Yearly, in her birthday celebrations she would include less fortunate children to spend time as a family.

Now that she turns 18, she continues to grow as a loving and responsible lady.

Her preparations are being showcased via her new show - Legally B on GMA News TV. It is a reality lifestyle magazine show that involves all her activities on and off cam.

She has a very supportive family and friends. During her 18th birthday celebration she was filled with so much blessings and surprises.

Her party was a dream come true. She describes that the feeling was unexplainable, mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, fear, gratefulness, nervousness, hunger and a dozen more emotions. It was very overwhelming that she couldn't even eat before the event.

Her closest friends from the industry were all present at the party, and she was very surprised when Alden Richards came in to be her last dance. She has a lot of things to be thankful and that night was really special. Despite being very busy Alden still manages to show up for his close friend's special day. They danced the song of 'God Gave Me You'.

Alden Richards was Bea Binene's 18th dance.

When asked about her feeling she says "When I entered the venue, my knees were shaking. But when I looked at the people gathered in this one special event of my life, all those emotions faded and just became happiness, gratefulness and excitement. She was very grateful to have all of them. Words were enough to describe how thankful and blessed she is.

She is very thankful to have her Mommy Carina as her mother, "Ma, salamat po sa mga pag-aalaga na binigay nyo sa amin ni Benice. Hindi ko man palaging nasasabi sa iyo ito pero nagpapasalamat ako na ikaw yung Mama ko. Hindi ko ma-imagine yung sarili ko na wala ka. Now that I'm 18, I hope I can sleep with my own room and I can sleep later than 12 midnight. Hindi ko man laging nasasabi sa iyo pero mahal na mahal ka namin ni Benice. Thank you for everything."

Catch the full episode of Bea Binene's 18th Birthday Celebration soon to be announced. 

You can catch BEA on VAMPIRE ANG DADDY KO, Sundays, 6PM on GMA.
GOOD NEWS With Ms. Vicky Morales, Mondays, 8PM on GMA News TV and
LEGALLY B, Saturdays 11:30AM on GMA News TV

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