There are 75 ways to enjoy the famous QC and one of those is visiting President Manuel Quezon's house.

The Quezon House in the past is situated in Gilmore Street in New Manila, now it has been tarnsfered to the Quezon Memorial Circle.

On Oct. 1, yours truly together with a group of bloggers were toured inside the historical house.

During the Commonwealth period, it was the place President Manuel Quezon stays from recovering tuberculosis.

Although it was experienced numerous progressions and growths throughout the years, some of the things personally used by President Quezon, like his big American boots, fishing rod, clothing, big narra bed, baggage and even the recipe of his favorite food were still preserved here.

The Quezon House is very significant in light of the fact that it is related to the way of life and wellbeing of the Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon.

During the event when the family chose to offer the property, keeping in mind during the time spent improvement, the beneficiaries decided to donate the residence to the QC Local Government and convert it into a museum.

The history of Quezon City weaves so interestingly with the nation's own.

Many events have shaped the history of the Philippines transpired the city's history.

This tour is just one of the many activities to do in Quezon City as it celebrates its' 75th Diamond Jubilee.

Alam nyo ba ang paboritong sayaw ni Manuel Quezon? Watch this:


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