San Juan is the site of the Katipunan 's first battle, the organization which led the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire.

It is the home of the very famous market place - 'Greenhills' and the well known celebration 'Piyesta ng San Juan'. San Juan City has 21 baranggays.

It has been 46 years, the city of San Juan has been under the administration of the Estrada clan.

Now it has to end, according to Francis Zamora, who announced on Tuesday his candidacy for the position as Mayor of the City of San Juan.

Francis Zamora is the current San Juan vice mayor and the son of Rep. Ronaldo Zamora, a close friend of the Ejercito-Estradas, and served as executive secretary during President Joseph Estrada's term.

This coming election he will be running under Nacionalista Party where he was appointed as Chairman where Senator Manny Villar is the President.

To challenge the incumbent Guia Gomez who will be running for her third and final term

In a themed “San Juan Malaya!" the team San Juan aims to stop corruption the city and will support the education system of the constituents.

Team San Juan Line-Up:

Francis Zamora for Mayor

Cong. Ronny Zamora will run for re-election, Totoy Bernardo will run for Vice Mayor.

For District 1, Councilors will be Boyet Aquino, Onil Mendoza, Paul Artadi, Aj Dela Cruz, Dambu Jucutan and Armando Adonis.

While for District 2, Councilors will be Warren Villa, Allan Yam, Joy Ibuna, Pia Gil, Lance Raymundo and Ericka Villongco.

Notice the familiar names of celebrities:

Lance Raymundo - Actor and son of beauty queen and actress Nina Zaldua.
Ericka Villonco - Youtube Sensation and the Ex-Girlfriend of James Reid.
Paul Artadi - Famous PBA Player.

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