This years Tokyo International Film Festival opens with pride and honor from actors, actresses, and filmmakers from around the world.

The red carpet in Roponggi Hills started with the appearance of Pepper, the world’s first robot to understand human emotions, and Festival navigators KIWA and Masao Nomura.

The announcement the opening of the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival.

You're Not You lead star Hilary Swank (Specials Screenings section) was the first to appear on the carpet as she expresses her delight to be in Tokyo.

“I’m living my dream walking on the carpet as one of the 200 films at TIFF! Thank you for supporting my film and the other 199 films!”

This years President of Jury - Bryan Singer and the five members of the International Competition Jury walks the carpet.

Celebrated actress Helen Mirren and Director Simon Curtis appeared on the carpet with their film WOMAN IN GOLD. Curtis shares his film as “having themes relevant to today which speaks to everybody, not only to the Jewish in Vienna.”

For Mirren “It is a very serious story done in a light way, treated with a light touch with a wit. It is a story about memory, family, and justice, and what humans are capable of doing to each other.” She described Gustav Klimt’s artwork-- Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer--as an iconic painting, and that the reproduction used in the film was breathtaking.

Someone cute caught our attention as we join the red carpet the one and only Paddington Bear of PADDINGTON from the Panorama section. View the photos here.

Other major guests on the Red Carpet were: director Jacques Cluzaud and voice actor Shofukutei Tsurubei of SEASONS from the Special Screening section; director Hideo Nakata and actress Haruka Shimazaki of Ghost Theater from the Masters of J-Horror section;

director Kazuaki Kiriya and actor Tsuyoshi Ihara of LAST KNIGHTS, members of Perfume featured in WE ARE Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT; director Masato Harada featured in the Direct in Focus in Japan Now section and actor Koji Yakusho starring in one of his films KAMIKAZE TAXI; and director Tetsuo Shinohara, actor Koichi Sato, and actress Tsubasa Honda of TERMINAL which is this year’s Closing Film.

Considering to be a highlight was Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Jack Rapke with their film The Walk, the Opening Film at TIFF this year. “It’s an honor opening the festival with my film and I hope you all watch it! I understood the passion this man had and I identified with the awe-inspiring story. I hope the audience will also enjoy this character and the achievement and journey he made.

Thank you!”


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