My Top Picks to the 2015 Emerging Influential Blogs

Every year, the website influentialblogger.net recognizes top blogs which was just recently started and got a strong followers online. And yes, many great blogs today just like When In Manila and Rappler were products of this online writing project spearheaded by Ms. Janette Toral.

Now as this writing project already reached its 8th year, The Web Magazine is so proud to be part of it by picking the new blogs which we think influential. And here are our Top choices:

1. Runner Rocky (www.runnerrocky.com)- I am a vegetarian, a runner, and a fitness enthusiast therefore this blog took the No. 1 spot in my list. It features not only running events and marathons but also fitness tips as well. It influences my daily fitness activities!

2. Best of Negros (www.bestofnegrosisland.com) - Aside from running and fitness, I also love to travel and explore the different part of the country. This blog caught my attention because it features the beautiful place of Negros.

3. Artful Chapter (www.artfulchapter.com) - This is a photography blog and the blogger's photos here in the blog posts were so amazing. I admire his talent in photography.

4. Love Teacher Angel (www.loveteacherange.wordpress.com) - Thoughts and wisdom from this blog is so inspiring. It spreads good vibes.

5. Renzihills (www.renzihills.tumblr.com) - A fashion and photography blog from a reticulous guy. He has his own way, a creative way of posting his article and and photos!

6. Rethink! Redefine Cinema (http://brillantemamendoza.com/news) - A site dedicated for Film Festivals abroad via the activities of award winning filmmaker Brillante Mendoza, as he goes to different countries giving us recognition.

7. Film Police Reviews (https://www.filmpolicereviews.com/)

8. Agimat, Sining at Kultura (http://agimat.net/)

9. Gigs Manila (http://www.gigsmanila.com/)

These are my Top picks which I think really deserve to be in the list of winners. Well if you have your own choice, vote for them here: http://www.influentialblogger.net/2015/09/emergingblogs2015.html

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Good luck and good job to all these new blogs!

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