While Maestro Ryan Cayabyab announces that the weakest link will be eliminated after their performances, contender Luis Gragera got automatic nomination for breaking important household rules.

During the second cycle of performances it was the team composed of Miko Manguba, Mico Cruz, Edric Ulang, Adrian Pascual, Cholo dela Cruz and Lharby Policarpio who stood out during the night.

Luis Gragera got eliminated. His team became the weakest group but Lance Busa, Bryan Olano, Chris Yumang, AJ Ajrouche at Louie Pedroso is determined to perform better on the next cycle.

On Cycle 1 performances (Boy band classics) Team A opens first cycle with their powerful cover of ‘I Want It That Way', while Team B owns the dance floor with ‘Get Down’ and Team C commands the crowd, performing ‘Pop’

While On Cycle 2, Team A marches to ‘Somebody to Love’ , Team B wows audience in their ‘Without You’ rendition and Team C spices up their ‘Treasure’ performance

Performance na a capella ang hamon sa Top 18 para sa third cycle this weekend. The boys will be performing APO Hiking Society classics so catch  To The Top every Saturdays, 9:55 P.M. and Sundays, 9:40 P.M., on GMA 7.

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To The Top Cycle 1: Team A performs ‘I Want It That Way’

To The Top Cycle 1: Team B performs ‘Get Down’

To The Top Cycle 1: Team C performs ‘Pop’

To The Top Cycle 2: Team A performs ‘Somebody to Love’

To The Top Cycle 2 : Team B performs ‘Without You’

To The Top Cycle 2: Team C performs ‘Treasure’


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