This August 29, the first-ever cable mini-series, Single/Single makes its debut on the small screen. Kapamilya stars Matteo Guidicelli and Shaina Magdayao  topbill the series, a modern and refreshing take on the lifestyle of the so-called “millennials” or what, in a previous era, would have been called “yuppies”.
                  The show marks Shaina and Matteo’s first time to work together. Despite this, there was no awkwardness between them; rather, there was an instant chemistry from the first episode onward. In some scenes, Matteo had to appear topless, which had Shaina totally amused. “Naka-boxer shorts lang po kasi siya eh, buti na lang magkaibigan po kami,” laughs the 25-year-old actress who describes her Single/Single character Joee as “funny and naughty at the same time”.

          Meanwhile, Matteo, who plays Joey, says it was a revelation for him to work with Shaina. He shares that from their first moment onscreen, she was very nice to work with.

          For her part, Shaina assures the fans of Matteo and his real-life girlfriend Sarah Geronimo that they have nothing to fear as far as her working relationship with the triathlete, actor and host is concerned. There are scenes where they get a little daring, but they never cross their bounds.

Says Shaina: “Wala naman pong dapat ipagselos si Sarah, work is work. Sa title lang po nang galing siguro yung pagiging single ni Matteo, but we know naman that he is not in real life.” 

 Single/Single is a co-production venture between The Philippine STAR and Cinema One. It is directed by indie filmmaker Pepe Diokno, with Lilit Reyes as writer and Bianca Balbuena as producer

          The show’s director Pepe Diokno says millennials who watch the show will find not just lessons to learn, but also fun moments in the show. Those who’ve previewed the episodes note that it is daring, naughty but also fun and the perfect material for young adults.

          Ronald Arguelles, head of Cinema One, told Direk Pepe and his crew to feel free to explore different themes, topics and subjects in Single/Single that millennials would be interested in.
“Hindi kami limitado in terms of ‘yung kailangan gawin, so nu’ng pagkapasok pa lang namin sa project na ‘to, sabi sa amin nila Ronald ng Cinema One is, you can talk about sex,

 about relationships, whatever you want,” says Direk Pepe. “Napaka-free namin dito, pwede kami mag-English, pwede kami mag-Taglish, so in terms of content, yung freedom, mas malawak.”

On the other hand, The Philippine STAR group SVP for sales and marketing Lucien Dy Tioco have this to say, The Philippine Star advocacy is financial security, so every year we do something different.  So it’s best to engage audience by story-telling.  With CinemaOne, we get to share the story, and they were very supportive from the start.”

          The set-up between the characters played by Shaina and Matteo is that they share living space (thecondo unit is owned by the mom of Matteo’s character) yet have separate bedrooms. Over the course of the show, their characters get into all sorts of funny situations, some even naughty, but there is always a lesson to be learned at the end.

          In the show, the characters played by Shaina and Matteo are as normal as regular young adults can be. The characters Joee and Joey are daring, but not overly so. The show depicts them as happy being single and how happy they are being that way.

          Shaina and Matteo say that audiences of whatever age will find something to enjoy about watching Single/Single. “Dapat nilang sundan ang journey ng mga characters kasi marami silang pinagdadaanan sa buhay,” she says. “Marami silang matututunan, and at the same time, they’ll surely enjoy watching ‘yung mga eksena namin dito.”

Playing Matteo's mom is veteran actress  Cherie Gil together with Cinema One Originals best actress Anna Luna, and theatre actor  Brian Sy in supporting roles. Single\Single premieres on August 29 (Saturday), 8PM on Cinema One. New episodes will air every Saturday with replay schedules on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM and Sundays at 10PM.

Wheels TV Goes Everything Small

Gone are the days when only bigger and faster cars on the road get the thumbs up. With traffic jams everywhere in the metro all the time, and with fluctuating fuel prices, small cars could be the practical yet as functional alternative to many people.

On Aug. 29, “Wheels TV” goes everything small as it feautures racer-actor Matteo Guidicelli riding the Mistubishi Mirage. Despite being “cute,” the Mirage has upscale features that can delight a wide array of automotive consumers. 

Did we mention the price tag? Check it out and notice smile become wider.

Also, segment host Ulysses Ang shows that some small cars can be up for the task of going on long drive, too. He takes the Mazda2 around a 350-kilometer route spanning Laguna, Cavite, Quezon and Batangas. See the sights, see the fuel gauge after, and see how it’s possible to enjoy yourself while saving up on gas money.

Angel Rivero tries out her hand in cooking and driving in this Saturday’s episode of Wheels TV. She is a sight to behold behind the wheels of the all-new Peugeot 2008. Tune in and see how this car packs a lot of driving features into its compact frame.

Finally, get Suzuki’s newest offering, the Celerio up-close.

All these on “Wheels TV,” your guide to life on the fast lane every Sunday on ABS-CBN Sports + Action at 10:00 a.m.

Green is good, less is best in MLTV

As people find new ways to improve their lifestyle, so does caring for the environment become more paramount with both ultimately intertwined.

“Modern Living TV” recognizes this through special segments focusing on brands and design sensibilities that say go for green and less is more.

Host Bianca Gonzalez talks with eco-warrior and social entrepreneur Krie Lopez on the advocacy behind the green living brand, Messy Bessy. The company offers a line of products made with non-toxic, all-natural and biodegradable ingredients that are not only safe for your health, but kind to the planet, too.

The Messy Bessy team even visits Bianca’s home to demonstrate transitioning chemical-laden cleaning materials to organic and baby-safe alternatives. It’s easy, fun, and more importantly, it’s being responsible human beings.

While you’re at it, why not raise a patch of succulent dish garden inside your home? It not only beautifies space but a rewarding hobby to have on hand those fresh and organic ingredients for meals. A guest expert shows “MLTV” host Stephanie Zubiri exactly how to go about it.

 If you’re living in a condominium, know that using creative storage spaces is the way to go.  Interior designer Carmen Lim Regala visits an avid shoe and sneaker collector’s condo unit and shows us how to maximize space and style.

Now that everything’s in its proper places, there’s more room for beautiful furniture. Join Stephanie on a furniture-love trip to the Casa Bella showroom that’s teeming with resplendent furniture and home accessories. Go elegant---go European!

"Modern Living TV" airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. with replays the next day at 6 p.m. both on the ANC Channel.

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