Now on its second year, Solar Entertainment Corporation, through its head Wilson Tieng and together with festival director Brillante Mendoza, is proud to announce the entries for Sinag Maynila 2016. 

From more than a hundred entries submitted only five films were chosen. 

These films will have a regular screening in the Philippines and will also have an awarding ceremony.

Presenting the Sinag Maynila 2016 line up with description:

1. “DYAMPER” by Mes de Guzman
Apeng, Poknat, and Tinoy are "dyampers" on the lookout to steal from rice trucks as they meander along the treacherous winding roads of Dalton Pass. In one of their encounters, they accidentally discover a pack of illegal substances which will lead them to the biggest mission of their lives.

2. “EXPRESSWAY” by Ato Bautista
Old-timer Ben needs to do one last assignment before the syndicate boss he works for grants him his much delayed retirement. Assigned to be his partner is neophyte Morris, yearning to prove his worth. This last trip will turn out to be a journey of introspection, self-healing, and redemption.

3. “LILA” by Gino M. Santos
To escape a past that threatens to consume her, a young woman decides to move into a house owned by a warmhearted landlady, looking for a fresh start and a chance for atonement. The house, however, has other ideas.

4. “MRS.” by Adolf Alix Jr.
70-year old Virginia lives in a bungalow house that stands on an earthquake fault area. When her ever-loyal maid Delia tells her she'd be leaving for good, what follows shows a portrait of a woman and a mother trying to juggle the sad realities of life.

5. “TPO (Temporary Protection Order)” by Joselito Altarejos
Teresa, an abused wife, attempts to secure her freedom by filing a Temporary Protection Order against her abusive husband only to be caught in the battered system of bureaucracy filled with neglect and indifference.

Each entry will be receiving a grant of 2 million pesos.

Check out last year's Sinag Maynila line up.

The second Sinag Maynila Film Festival will run on the first half 2016. For more updates, look for Sinag Maynila on Facebook (SinagMaynila), Twitter (@sinagmaynila), and Instagram (@sinagmaynila).


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