Welcome to Afamsterdam:  Kano Luvs Pinay takes us to the world of AFAMs and Pinays

Afamsterdam – it’s a world most Filipinos see every day, interact with, and sometimes, if lady luck would have it, marry into one. Commonly known as AFAM or a foreigner assigned in Manila, these are the usually Caucasian or Middle Eastern men who work or are visiting the country for a long period.

Watch the lives of Cookie and Lee disentangle as they demonstrate to the world that affection overcomes all and that it is the widespread dialect that knows no language structure, articulation, and structure. Find the different unconstrained responses of the Filipino family and group to the vicinity of Matthew in their lives. Then again how Matthew tries to adapt and comprehend the way of life he has pushed himself into.

See whether regardless of the considerable number of obstacles and clash that their social contrasts may achieve, will love for Cookie Matthew still win at last? Will there be a cheerful consummation? Will Cookie turn into an authority Mrs. Afamsterdam?

Kano Luvs Pinay will air each Saturday night beginning September 05, 2015 on TV

As the frequently misconstrued universe of Afamsterdam takes a hilarious turn in Kano Luvs Pinay, the most recent offering of TV5. Lead by chief comedienne Tuesday Vargas as Cookie and American performing artist Lee O'Brien as Matthew, the rom-com and situational comic drama show blends Filipino funniness, kilig, and family values while investigating the intricacies of interracial and intercultural connections between a Filipina and her American life partner.

Be that as it may, it's not as straightforward as a Filipina adoring an American show. Treat sired a kid, Jon, amid her more youthful years, played by Chok Venida. What's more, there's the can't-live-with-Americans fellow, played by Martin Escudero, who happens to be Cookie's sibling.

Likewise featuring in Kano Luvs Pinay are veteran performing artists Boboy Garovillo and Ces Quesada as the tyrannical folks of Cookie. Model turned on-screen character Wilma Doesnt is Osang, the ever-afam-steady closest companion of Cookie, and theater performer Kiki Baento is Girlie, the other closest companion who has an entirely no afams approach with respects her adoration life.


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