Gelli de Belen became an apple of the eye of the public audience ever since she started out portraying different characters onscreen as an adorable teen. 

Several years have passed and yet, her charismatic aura is still there continuously captivating the crowd. 

She has now transpired into an entertaining television host, a dramatic actress and a very marketable product endorser.

For Gelli, the overflowing blessings coming from up above are something that she is sincerely thankful for. Aside from having a wonderful career, she also feels gratified for having a happy relationship with her husband Ariel Rivera and to her two teenage sons, Julio and Joaqui. 

According to her, time management is her key to having a meaningful time with her kids and husband despite of her exhaustingly hectic schedule. 

Being a celebrity mom is surely a difficult task to handle but Gelli is indeed willing to accept the challenge.

Career wise, Gelli de Belen remains appreciative for all the ceaseless blessings that she is receiving and for the remarkable pace that she is tracking right now. 

If we can consider the total number of shows of a particular artist as a barometer of success, then Gelli is probably up there in the conversation for the most successful Filipino showbiz personality today. 

She regularly makes an appearance in the highly entertaining game show Happy Truck ng Bayan. 

Interestingly, she is currently portraying the role of a wife of an OFW in the comedy show Misterless Misis where the protagonists have no husbands. 

She also one of the juries of the reality show KIS (K-Pop icon Search) Pinoy: the K-Pop Philippination hosted by Richard Gutierrez. 

The said reality show aims to produce a Pinoy KPOP idol by sending and training them all the way to Korea. 

Another show where Gelli serves as a panel member is SM Little Stars, an upcoming show on TV5. Gelli has a total of four shows on TV5 which makes her one of the busiest celebrity mom/ wife at the moment.
She believes that her shows provide her new and valuable learning experiences. “For me, I just want to work. I will go where there is work. 

When it comes to movies, okay na sa akin ‘yung roles which I don’t do on TV.” Gelli said.

She was also asked about the most common topics that she usually search when browsing the internet. She gave us two answers: “new recipes” and KPOP”.

She is fond of exploring new recipes and then comparing it to her own recipes when she prepare their food. She to us that she used to search new recipes which she can turn into a one of a kind dish just like the example that she gave us about what she can do with a pomelo.

Her fascination with the Korean culture began to flourish during the Korean drama, Coffee Prince. Two of her most favorite KPOP artists are Big Bang and 2 PM.

Gelli does not shy away from expressing how much she misses her sister Janice de Belen and her bestfriend Carmina Villaroel who are both working for other TV networks. 

According to Gelli, she misses their bondings during the SIS days the most.

 "While still a contract star of TV 5, I'm not thinking of something else as long as I'm working and I love what I do." Gelli’s response when asked whether she have any plans of teaming up with other artists and accept other project offers.

Just recently, she has inked an endorsement deal with a skin care products maker branded as Moringa 02.

Listed down are some of the most interesting trivias aboutGelli de Belen. If you are an avid fan of hers, you most likely know at least half of this by now.
  • ü  Her husband Ariel Rivera is a sock enthusiast.
  • ü  Ariel Ureta directed Ober da Bakod
  • ü  Only a single house was used for both the poor house and the rich house in Ober da Bakod tapings.
  • ü  Gelli’s favorite teleserye is Marimar
  • ü  Her top two most memorable TV shows are Tropang Trumpo “chickendance” and Ober da Bakod
  • ü  Gelli’s was first seen on the show Kutitap when she was just 8 years old and at the same time, spotted on the show, Tonight with Dick and Carmi.
  • ü  Gelli used to be a flamboyant rapper before but she feels reluctant of showing this hidden talent of hers to the public.
  • ü  Her biggest career break came from her participation in the movie Secrets of Sarah Jane.
  • ü  She said that the movie “Gagay” deserves to get a remake
  • ü  Aside from her two favorites “Radio Romance” and “Mahal Kita Walang Iwanan”, she also loves the film “Camiguin”.
  • ü  Gelli considers her truck explosion scene with the late Rudy Fernandez and her most unforgettable experience. It was the scene where the two almost blowup in a potential tragic accident due to a technical malfunction.

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