Puregold announces Mr. Pure Energy Gary V as the ambassador of PurePadala, an innovative and groundbreaking new remittance service specifically designed and conceptualized for Filipinos residing abroad and OFWs, and their families here in the Philippines. 

Puregold invited the entertainment press for the launching of Purepadala with ambassador Gary V.

Puregold welcomes Gary Valenciano on July 10 to its growing family as the official ambassador of PurePadala, 

At the launch event a program for entertainment press was held kung saan for 1 minute ang mga participants ay hahakot ng groceries from Puregold.

Gary V's wife Angeli Pangilinan was also present during the launch.

With over 12 million Filipinos residing and working abroad. Part of this number is roughly 2.4 million contracted OFWs who are deployed all over the world. On the average, OFWs get to remit less than Php10,000.00 per month to their respective families. This amount is hardly enough to sustain a family; more so enough to save for the future as the amount every family receives is allocated to basic needs and necessities such as food and monthly bills. 

As a result, OFWs are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the money they send is enough to address the needs of their families and the dilemma that the money is spent properly, and their families are able to save up as well. 

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