Puregold welcomes Gary V as ambassador of PurePadala

PUREGOLD Priceclub Inc. welcomes Gary Valenciano to its growing family as the official ambassador of PurePadala.

Puregold’s PurePadala is an innovative and groundbreaking new remittance service specifically designed and conceptualized for Filipinos residing abroad and OFWs, and their families here in the Philippines.

A piece of this number is about 2.4 million contracted OFWs who are conveyed everywhere throughout the world. On the normal, OFWs get the opportunity to transmit not exactly Php10,000.00 every month to their separate families. This sum is not really enough to maintain a family; all the more so enough to put something aside for the future as the sum each family gets is dispensed to essential needs and necessities, for example, nourishment and month to month bills. 

This amount is hardly enough to sustain a family; more so enough to save for the future as the amount every family receives is allocated to basic needs and necessities such as food and monthly bills. As a result, OFWs are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the money they send is enough to address the needs of their families and the dilemma that the money is spent properly, and their families are able to save up as well.

With PurePadala, the money that every OFW remits goes directly to the basic and most important necessities of their families: food, tuition and utilities, loan payments, and even as start up capital for a sari-sari store business, among many others. OFWs now have a viable option to send money through PurePadala as powered by Globe GCash. 

OFWs get to decide the allocation of the money they will send to their families. Families will receive a text message containing the breakdown of the money they will get, and redeem at Puregold what is allocated for them.

Pure Padala ensures that the money OFWs and immigrants send to their families will not be wasted. Puregold’s PurePadala will help OFWs in making sure that all their sacrifices are worth it, one sure transaction at a time.

Gary Valenciano was unanimously chosen by Puregold to represent PurePadala as he is one of the most trusted and respected Filipino artists today and millions of Filipinos around the world are profoundly inspired by his life and career.

For the past 32 years, Gary has consistently written, arranged, produced, and recorded some of the country’s most well-loved songs. He holds the highest distinction of winning 12 Awit Awards Best Male Recording Artist trophies in the 27-year-old award giving body. Gary is not only regarded as Mr. Pure Energy but he is also a Pinoy pop-culture icon who has conquered not only the field of music but film and television as well.  

Gary has starred in over a dozen full-length feature films, he is currently one of the main hosts of ABS-CBN’s top rating musical variety show ASAP and judge of Your Face Sounds Familiar, which opens its second season on the third quarter of 2015He is also a top brand product endorser and in 1998, he was chosen as the very first National UNICEF ambassador and continues to hold the position to this very day.

To a lot of fans, Gary is not just a star as he also greatly signifies hope because his longtime, 37-year battle against Type 1 juvenile diabetes is regarded as a miracle as he has defied medical statistics with no complications at all in his body functions. Through the years, Gary championed the cause of hope and his unwavering faith through his life and impressive body of excellent work.

For PurePadala, Gary has recorded a brand new song titled “Makakarating” which he produced and arranged himself. With a music video directed by Jofre Nachora, “Makakarating” is written by Betsy Baking with music by Tito Cayamanda.  “I feel so favored and blessed now that I am part of Puregold’s growing family,” says Gary. “I take pride to represent PurePadala as it honors the hard work and sacrifices of every Filipino working abroad with the hope of providing their families a better life.”

Puregold Price Club Inc. President Vincent Co on the other hand, is equally happy and ecstatic now that PurePadala is finally a reality and that Gary agreed to endorse it. “The long wait is finally over and I am very happy now that PurePadala is here to serve our hard-working OFWs and their families. I can only imagine the hardships that every OFW is going through everyday as they work, away from their families and loved ones in their desire to give them a bright future. 

We at Puregold sincerely hope that PurePadala delivers each family’s needs conveniently. We are also very happy to welcome Gary as our newest Kapamilya. Gary has inspired countless Filipinos in the span of his amazing career and our partnership with him is truly an honor.”

For more information on PurePadala, visit Puregold official website at www.puregold.com.ph, like Puregold on Facebook, follow @Puregold_PH on Twitter, and follow @puregold_ph on Instagram.

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