In anticipation of Ms. Nora Aunor's flight to France for the world premiere of Brillante Ma Mendoza's TAKLUB ('Trap') at the 68th Cannes International Film Festival (May 13-24, 2015), here's a throwback of thumbs-up for Lino Brocka's 'Bona'. 
Produced by La Aunor herself, 'Bona' was selected for the Directors' Fortnight programs at the 1981 edition of Cannes and is now regarded as one of the royalties of Philippine cinema.
Hereunder is an excerpt of the rave for 'Bona' in Cannes from the French film magazine 'Cinematographe': 

"The script progresses by themes and symbols: water and fire, the Philippine traditions and the American influences. Every turn of the relationship corresponds to a dramatic peak and enriches the theme. At the same time, Brocka allows for a sensuality in the film and an ambiguity in the two characters. The symbol of water is seen in the monsoon rains which fall when Bona lives with Gardo for the first time. It is also in the pump by where one fills a can after a long wait. Finally, it is in the bath which Bona prepares for Gardo and the pot of boiling water which ultimately destroys—water at the same time fire … With Lino Brocka, the fusion is cataclysmic … [Nora Aunor] evokes Giulietta Masina in 'La Strada'—a Gelsomina to keep company with the kid who acted superbly in The Bicycle Thief … In Cannes, while Isabelle Adjani stares hypnotically at photographers like the virgin of Sweet Bird of Youth, Nora Aunor sips in everything with pleasure, keeping the distance of anonymity.” 
(Translation into English from the original French by Agustin Sotto)
To read extensive articles and reviews about BONA, check out this link:http://superstarstruck.weebly.com/1/category/bona/1.html
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