Although the Un Certain Regard jury is not obliged to give awards to actors/actresses every year, it's upon the discretion of the jurors to recognize outstanding portrayals in the program as they deem fit. 

KIRIN KIKI (Japan) for ‘An: Sweet Red Bean Paste’. The most senior in the batch, Kirin Kiki commands respect without trying as Japan's grand doyenne of drama. Being directed by Cannes regular Noemi Kawase is another ace up her sleeve.

KAREN TORRES (Colombia) for ‘Alias Maria’. She may be the youngest in the batch at 13, but her first role as a child warrior looks ready to rumble.

LOUISE BOURGOIN (France/Belgium) for ‘Je Suis Un Suldat (I Am a Soldier)’ takes on a role that literally dares even men not to trifle with her.

ERI FUKATSU (Japan) for ‘Journey to the Shore’

NORA AUNOR (Philippines) for ‘Taklub (Trap)’. The most internationally acclaimed actress of the Philippines portrays the role of a mother in search of her three missing children after the super storm Haiyan/Yolanda. This year marks La Aunor's return to Cannes after her first foray via Lino Brocka's 'Bona' at the non-competitive section of the Directors' Fortnight in 1981.

 SEO YEONG-HEE (Korea) for ‘Madonna’
 NANCY TALAMANTES (Mexico) for ‘Les Elegidas (The Chosen Ones)'

 SAREH BAYAT (Iran) for ‘Nahid’

 DIANE KRUGER (France) for ‘Maryland’
 JENJIRA PONGPAS (Thailand) for ‘Cemetery of Splendour’ has been the muse of previous Palme d'Or winner Apitchatpong Weerasethakul.
 JEON DO-YEON (South Korea) for ‘The Shameless’. The Cannes queen of this batch, Jeon Do-Yeon has previously appeared in Cannes three times and won Best Actress in the main competition for Lee Chang-dong's 'Secret Sunshine' (2007). Will she make waves again in her fourth Cannes exposure?

TIHANA LAZOVIC (Croatia) for ‘Zvizdan’ (The High Sun)’

SHWETA TRIPATHI (India) for ‘Masaan’

Source: TAKLUB starring Ms. Nora Aunor;

Considering the array of lead actresses in this year's batch, there's a likelihood the jury headed by Isabella Rossellini will rise to the occasion of picking the best from a bumper harvest of lead performances:
1. NORA AUNOR (Philippines) for ‘Taklub (Trap)’
2. JEON DO-YEON (South Korea) for ‘The Shameless’
3. KIRIN KIKI (Japan) for ‘An: Sweet Red Bean Paste’
4. LOUISE BOURGOIN (France/Belgium) for ‘Je Suis Un Suldat (I Am a Soldier)’
5. JENJIRA PONGPAS (Thailand) for ‘Cemetery of Splendour’
6. ERI FUKATSU (Japan) for ‘Journey to the Shore’
7. SHWETA TRIPATHI (India) for ‘Masaan’
8. SAREH BAYAT (Iran) for ‘Nahid’
9. DIANE KRUGER (France) for ‘Maryland’
10. SEO YEONG-HEE (Korea) for ‘Madonna’
11.TIHANA LAZOVIC (Croatia) for ‘Zvizdan’ (The High Sun)’
12. NANCY TALAMANTES (Mexico) for ‘Les Elegidas *) (The Chosen Ones)'
13. KAREN TORRES (Colombia) for ‘Alias Maria’

And the winner is....!!!

(Out of the 19 films that have been officially selected for the 'Un Certain Regard' program-- showcasing a variety of cinematic visions and styles that are "original and different"-- it appears that the field for the prospective Best Actress is just as formidable as its counterparts in the main competition at the 68th Cannes International Film Festival)

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