Taklub, featuring Nora Aunor is competing in the 68th Cannes Film Festival for the UN CERTAIN REGARD category.

Director Brillante Mendoza is looking forward to showcase the film dedicated to the survivors of typhoon Haiyan.

“Taklub” is a film that captures the reality of post-Haiyan situation in the city of Tacloban, Philippines, treating it like a documentary that capture actors blending-in with real people coping-up with the outcome of the devastation. 

It is a story of three major characters - Bebeth, Larry and Erwin, whose lives intertwine after the Supertyphoon Haiyan caused the city of Tacloban to its horrendous state - leaving the breathing figures in search of their dead ones, of keeping their sanity intact, and protecting what little faith there may be.


Bebeth (Nora Aunor) searches for the remains of her three children in the hopes that any identified records could match a DNA test from those buried at the mass grave. 

Larry (Julio Diaz) lost his wife, consoles himself by joining a group of devout Catholics carrying a life size cross around the city. 

Erwin (Aaron Rivera) and his elder brother try to hide the truth of their parents’ death from their little sister.

As if grieving from the lost of their loved ones is not enough, a series of turn of events - man made and natural, continue to test the endurance of the characters along with the rest of the people, awaiting for a time to wipe those slow repugnant tears.

Brillante Mendoza 's statement:

'What I am after is to show the unique qualities of Filipinos and their resiliency to move forward despite the tragedy and to tell their stories truthfully.'

'These existential stories of coping-up and moving-on, of people who suffered a detrimental loss and trying to get-by are universal. It happens, or at least happened, to all of us.'

'However, we anchor specifically on Tacloban City and its people, to show their unique way of coping; of holding on to something, whether their faith in their God, their love for one another or perhaps, the hope that their love ones are still alive or at least, officially counted in the statistics of those who died in the tragedy. '


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