Kapatid prime hunk and ‘Extreme’ King Derek Ramsay and TV5 princess and ‘Move It’ host Jasmine Curtis Smith are among the few celebrities who were invited to join this year’s 2nd Vios Racing Cup which happened last Saturday at Clark International Speedway, Pampanga. Joining them were other celebrities including Kylie Padilla, popular radio DJ Sam YG, Joyce Pring and Phoemela Barranda. 

Besides Phoem and Sam YG, all celebrities had to learn how to drive in manual transmission which proved to be an additional challenge for them. 

Derek Ramsay, Jasmine Curtis Smith try extreme racing at the 2ndVios Cup

via https://www.facebook.com/JasmineCurtisSmith

Since driving in straight lanes proves to be very different from circuit racing, the task made it all the more risky and death-defying for the participants.

This, however, did not stop the celebrity participants from defying danger and riding their racecars.

Phoem placed first during the qualifying rounds while Jasmine and Derek ended up in a tie, with Jasmine beating Derek by only 0.2 seconds. Meanwhile, the race at the championship round were neck-and-neck, with Phoem eventually ending up as the Best Female Celebrity Racer and Sam YG as Best Male Celebrity Racer.

Catch the highlights of the 2nd Vios Race Cup on ‘Extreme Series: Kaya Mo Ba ‘To?’ this Wednesday, 10:15PM on TV5! 


Matteo Guidicelli and Angel Rivero spearheads the launch of the newest motoring show in ABS-CBN Sports + Action.  On Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., PhilSTAR TV premieres its newest show, Wheels TV on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel (formerly Studio 23). 

Held on Tuesday at Buddha Bar in Makati, motoring enthusiasts and famous car brands gather to this momentous event. 

The widely-read motoring section “Wheels” in The Philippine STAR comes alive on the small screen as Wheels TV—an exciting show packed with all things automotive—is set to make the car-savvy set drool.

Watch this 30-minute program compelling with its line-up of segments in coming episodes that will run every week from March to June 2015.

A new road has been paved, and you better buckle up because the road from Print to Television is going to be one heck of a thrill ride.

Powered by The Philippine STAR, Wheels TV tackles everything about the latest automobiles with expert advice from the most respected veteran STAR motoring journalists Manny de los Reyes, Kap Maceda Aguila, Atty. Karen Jimeno and Ulysses Ang.

Hosting Wheels TV is none other than TV personality and race driver/multi-sport athlete Matteo Guidicelli, along with The STAR’s very own Angel Rivero.

Even non-car enthusiasts will find this really cool.

Each weekly themed episode will include various topics such as how to improve fuel efficiency with your everyday car, tips on how to keep unnecessary weight out of your car to improve performance and fuel economy, and other topics including which drivetrain (gasoline, diesel, or hybrid) is most fuel-efficient, learning how to actually use getting stuck in traffic to your advantage; 

which mode of transportation is best in traveling from the northernmost point of EDSA to the southernmost point (and vice-versa); and why it’s more important to become a thinking driver than an aggressive charger in a race.

One of the episodes will also feature proper circuit training which can help achieve a better understanding of car control and why racing should be done only in race tracks and not on the streets. Wheels TV will also feature road trips to different parts of the country. This new Motoring show will also come in handy by discussing the best-kept secrets from places where road trips are common.

From hatchbacks to subcompacts, from SUV’s to family vans, from supercars to luxury sedans, Wheels TV has all the elements car aficionados and casual TV viewers alike would surely look forward to every week.

Wheels TV airs every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel.

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