TV5 warmly welcomes the summer season by launching the new batch of stories to be featured on WATTPAD PRESENTS Season 2, making viewers’ hearts grow fonder as they get to know the characters and kilig stories from four more Wattpad hits.

The week of March 23 will be awesome for the lovely hearts. Mister International 2014 title holder Neil Perez appears in TV for the first time as he teams up with Isabelle de Leon on WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Ex, My Professor”. 

Originally written by Maevelanne with over 1.5 million reads and 22.8k votes on Wattpad, this tells the story of how a past love can haunt you unexpectedly. Hannah’s (Isabelle) happy bubble gets popped as she returns to school when she finds out that the newest “hottie” math professor in their campus is her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Viel Anueva (Neil), the same guy she left without any word or closure. How can she possibly run away from her past if it is already catching up with her during her daily Math class with her professor Viel? 

Is Hannah ready to face the reality that she is still in love with Viel or will she just have to stick with her new love in the persona of her loyal boyfriend Lloyd (The Amazing Race Philippines victor, Matt Edwards). Catch Neil and Isabelle as they give life to the characters of Mr. Viel and Hannah on WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Ex, My Professor”.

Experience the magic of love and be ready to be inspired as TV5 airs all these kilig stories to welcome the summer season and make it more memorable. Discover why these Wattpad stories, published through LIB Creatives Publishing, have successfully created their solid following. WATTPAD PRESENTS airs Monday to Friday at 9pm, only on TV5.


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