Making this batch of Wattpad stories more special is the return of the sought-after love team of Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae in a special WATTPAD PRESENTS episode which is shot mostly in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Entitled “The Magic in You”, this special WATTPAD PRESENTS episode tells the story of Princess (Shaira Mae) who, like every girl, grew up with a certain fondness for Disney characters. Like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and Mulan, she too believes in the magic of love that comes to all the princesses. 

Princess finally got her wish when she gets to fly to the happiest place on earth, Hong Kong Disneyland, believing that her boyfriend will be proposing to her in the most romantic way in this magical land. 

Unfortunately though, all her heart gets crushed the moment she finds out that her boyfriend is actually breaking up with her in the middle of the festive Hong Kong Disneyland parade. To add insult to injury, the most miserable and devastating scenario in her life was captured and posted on YouTube by a boy named Basti (Mark), who recorded her breakdown and made her an overnight online sensation. 

Vowing to catch the culprit who made this “Parade Crybaby” video, Princess occasionally returns to Hong Kong Disneyland where she eventually meets Basti. 

Find out how Princess and Basti will find their happily ever after in the magical place of Hong Kong Disneyland.  WATTPAD PRESENTS “The Magic in You” airs on April 13.

Experience the magic of love and be ready to be inspired as TV5 airs all these kilig stories to welcome the summer season and make it more memorable. 

Discover why these Wattpad stories, published through LIB Creatives Publishing, have successfully created their solid following. WATTPAD PRESENTS airs Monday to Friday at 9pm, only on TV5.


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