Fitness First recently organized an event at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in Global City Taguig entitled Push Your Limits and yours truly tried out the latest offering from Fitness First and their new look is so great and it shows how exercise can be incorporated in everyday tasks and without the need for exercise machines.

Tried that Tire flipping, yoga and agility test. Thanks because I've been doing Yoga regularly. These new stuffs are really cool.

In this day and age, having a fit and fabulous body is hard to maintain, let alone achieve. Busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult for people to eat healthy and find time to exercise.

Fitness First, however, stands by the fact that exercise is essential to ones health and that having a hectic lifestyle is no excuse not to get fit. That is why Fitness First created freestyle areas in their clubs which allow you to exercise and move with purpose. They focus on dynamic movement training, movements that will challenge one's muscles in multiple directions, combining as many muscle groups as possible to challenge you and get you moving in the way nature intended.

Four different fitness areas were set-up to test one’s strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed in a very fun and engaging way. Mall-goers got the chance to see how they measured up against what an average person could accomplish. What’s more, the challenges could be completed without the need to be in workout clothes.

To test their speed, participants were engaged in drills using the agility ladder. This is the most effective tool for training speed and improving footwork. For endurance, participants were asked to lift shopping bags progressively being filled with weights after every round. This type of weight training workout improves your ability to do everyday chores such as carrying a bag of groceries or lifting your young child. Participants also tested how strong they were by the number of times they could flip large tires. The entire body needs to be engaged when you flip the tire, which is perfect for improving over-all strength and conditioning. Lastly, participants were asked to accomplish a series of progressive Vinyasa poses. Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits, synchronized breathing relaxes the mind and the movements significantly improve flexibility.

All these challenges were performed under the expert guidance of Fitness First Fitness Instructors. For every fitness challenge completed, each participant received a raffle entry for a chance to win free 3-month memberships. Whats more, free health checks were made available to all guests.
But more than just participating in the challenges, Fitness First encouraged the participants to push their limits, to try and exceed what their bodies could normally endure. Most came to realize the importance of including exercise as part of their regular routine and that exercise can be fun and can be done anytime without the need for exercise machines.

 Spotted some celebrities during the event
Viva Hotbabe Sheree 
Kapuso Artist Leslie 

You may visit any Fitness First branch to learn more about Freestyle or go to their website at www.fitnessfirst.com.ph

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