Thousand of Filipinos joined online in the Live to Feel movement to celebrate the most powerful statement of how our generation lives. Live to Feel became the mantra of this generation as we made statement portraits and created conversations about #LiveToFeel on social media.

Last February 21, 2015, we came together and witnessed the country’s biggest youth-inspired outdoor installation, proudly printing and posting our own Live to Feel statement portraits for everyone to see at Eastwood Mall. 

B'lue Zone is a giant interactive installation that enabled people to move in the spirit of feeling alive by making virtual water come alive.

This generation lives to feel. 

We don’t just move forward in life; it’s about living with the right combination of feel + do. B’lue believes that we are an era of realizers—not simply achievers—and it enters the equation to become the enabler of the immersive experience that we thirst.

Whatever we live to do, B’lue makes us feel fully alive and enabled. Get to know some of the personalities who express how they live in different ways, but all #LiveToFeel with B’lue!

Bianca wouldn’t have become the inspirational figure she is now if she hadn’t seen and felt life’s most important lessons and insights herself. Discoveries about people and the world around her continuously inspire her to immerse in every moment. Blue sparks her feeling of discovery, enabling her to do what she does best—experience life and share her stories.

For Daniel, B’lue takes his mind and mood to a sense of motivation, enabling him to feel driven to see how he can keep inspiring the people around him. He lives for that satisfying feeling of being a motivator—a kuya.

Always looking for something that gives her a unique experience, Laureen draws inspiration from the world around her to write and style. She has an amazing ability to find beauty and connections in colors, textures, and the power of surrounding elements. With B’lue, Laureen’s senses are stimulated and the amazing feeling it gives her allows her to turn something ordinary into something beautiful.

TeamManila is all about Pinoy culture. To create something that inspires Filipinos to express their sense of national pride, Jowee and Mon need to be able to take in the world around them—a world of zooming tricycles, isaw and the modern day Rizal. B’lue takes their minds to a world of inspiration, enabling them to come up with exciting ideas that express that local goodness.

In order for Chef Jayps to put together the perfect dish, he needs to feel inspired to be creative with the ingredients in the kitchen—be mindful of how to play with each element’s scent, texture and flavor—and whip them up into something magical. Blue sparks his senses to make him feel fully alive, enabling him to create without limits.



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