Stephanie Zubiri & Bianca Gonzalez tackle beautiful bathrooms and one dreamy destination on ‘MLTV’

Anyone can opt to spend time in just one part of the home over other areas but no one can disregard the bathroom.

Even outside, going to the water closet is, shall we say, necessary at some point.

“Modern Living TV” recognizes this so in its episode on March 21, the focus is on the latest bathroom design trends, from the latest color combos to the most hi-tech bathroom fixtures.

The show also gives tips on how to keep toiletries and bathroom accessories neat and organized. Entrepreneur and show co-host Stephenie Zubiri-Crespi even gives a peek into her own bathroom makeover, turning her already beautiful bath into something truly stunning!

Also on the menu is City of Dreams Manila, one of the hottest go-to places in the metro right now. The integrated urban resort has almost everything for most everyone of discerning predilection: exhilarating gaming spaces, world-class dining experiences, lush accommodations and awesome play.

A new era of entertainment dawns in Manila and like what the name says, it truly is a dream destination.

In past episodes, “Modern Living TV” has tackled a myriad of subjects relevant to urban living of people who wants the finer things in life.

These range from fitness, art, exciting getaway places, tradition and even plush poolside suggestions.

Modern Living TV” is co-hosted by Bianca Gonzalez. It airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. with replays the next day at 10 a.m. both on the ANC Channel.


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