A bloggers conference with Hawaii’s hit maker Jeff James was held at Mom and Tina’s Bakery and Café in Quezon City.

James started his popularity covering Tagalog songs; the most recent one is his own tagalog version of ‘Happy’ that gained 100,000 plus views after six days since uploading it in Youtube.

Yours truly enjoyed his music as well as his way of answering during the interview. He was very honest, cool and fun guy.

When asked about why did he decide to continue his music here, he said he was amazed by the Filipino culture and he wanted to explore more of its people.

Being an artist who grew in Hawaii, his influence consists of mix of upbeat music and reggae.

His first album ‘GoGoGoGo’ released by GMA records consists of 12 original songs.

James is a singer, songwriter and also plays guitar, ukulele, timbales and drums.

He is looking forward to collaborate with Filipino artists like Jessa Zaragoza, Bamboo, Yeng Constantino and Filipino Rap Artists.

He got an awarded in 2011 for Nahoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii Grammy Awards)

His song ‘Hawaiian Girls’ is the 2013 Top Brand Awards Most Inspiring International Male Performer of the year and 2013 People’s Choice Award for Best New Male Recording Artist. 

Watch him singing 'Buko' and 'Hinahanap-hanap kita' video by yours truly:

More Jeff James Photos:


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