Iriga is the third city of Bicol, center of the region, very famous for the iconic Iriga mountain which is very rich in biodiversity.

The name rooted from the word I-raga (donde hay tierra or where there is land), nestled at the foot of Mount Iriga 4,823 feet above sea level.

On Tuesday, Edsa day, yours truly was privileged to interview the Mayor of Iriga - Hon. Ronald Felix Alfelor also called 'Gang-gang' by his constituents.

The City Mayor is proud with the low crime rate and the progressive ICT development along the land area.

Mayor Alfelor is very hands-on in public administration that his fellow Iriganons can truly testify to that.

Iriga strictly follows the curfew and they do not have a red light city.

He says he would make sure to get the presence of all the companies who are involve in developing ICT establishments.

He has been attending a lot of  ICT conferences and meetings to acquire fast results of their on-going projects.

The city also highlights their newly built infrastructure, Culture and Heritage.

Iriga is known to be the City of Crystal Clear Springs because of it's more than thirty natural springs abound in the area providing a rich source of drinking and irrigation waters.

Tinagba Festival

Aside from the mountain, the city is also famous for it's yearly Tinagba Festival.

Tinagba is the festival of a plentiful gather and offering this to God. It is am annual event that unites a whole people to approach and expand their offer in the remembrance.

As a yearly movement that unites a whole masses to approach and develop their offer in the celebration.

Tinagba Festival is a standout amongst the most beautiful, praised and went to nearby celebrations in the country.

As part of honing their local talents, They have showcased their own dance and singing group during the festival.


In Iriga there are 6 indigenous tribe living along the mountain side of the city, one of the highlights is them embracing the normal world but their culture remains grounded. They still live the same way they used to despite having the traditional jobs.

Mayor Alfelor believes in the “solid and strong foundation” as a vital component of good governance that is why he is continuing the improvements in Iriga.


Bicol is known best for their Laing but the best kind of Laing can be found in Iriga.


This coming June, a part of Iriga is going to be a venue of Challenge Camsur, through the City of Iriga, tri-athletes will head towards the historic setting of Mount Isarog.

For more information you may visit the website http://iriga.gov.ph/

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