Victoria Court has a dream. That dream is to transport its guests to a different reality from the time one drives into the properties until they check out. 

Victoria Court has a vision. That vision is to be the perfect host and delight guests every time, every stay. 

On Friday, yours truly got the chance to attend a very awesome party at Victoria Court in Pasig. Met a lot of new friends and the experience made my day.

Amazing place. The rooms were all fantastic. Great people around.

Having these difficulties at the top of the priority list, the group has thought of #thevcexperience – a fight went for advising visitors of the qualification that accompanies staying at Victoria Court. What makes Victoria Court remarkable? What separates Victoria Court from its rivals? It is #thevcexperience. 

#thevcexperience showcases all that you can conceivably do at Victoria Court. Victoria Court's objective is to claim developments. From Anniversaries to topical presentations, they offer the experience redid and catered only for you. 

Being known for having Superthematic Suites that coddle one's dream date or impeccable topical gathering, why not party in ensemble or character. Pick who you need to be for your birthday or stag party. In the event that you need to be the President of the United States for a day, attempt the Oval Office at Victoria Court Pasig. Dependent on round of thrones, pick your Kingdom and win the Throne at Victoria Court Cuneta. Such a large number of subjects to browse – Be Someone Else today. 

Unwind and put your feet up. Victoria Court's comforts incorporate Jacuzzis and personal tubs where you can simply overlook the world, even only for a short time. Appreciate the LED Flat Screen Tvs and encompass sound framework and cheer for your most loved Ms. Universe applicant and shout as uproarious as you can when she wins.

Needing that impeccable spot for a proposition? Browse Victoria Court's goal suites. Santorini, Maldives, Sedona, Bali, whatever setting you wish, they can give. Victoria Court will do all that it can to make her say YES. Offer with the world how She said Yes. 

Move like nobody is viewing or attempt to hit those high notes, in the protection you could call your own suite with just your companions to see and listen. Gathering Beyond Ordinary is Victoria Court's guarantee. 

This 2015, Victoria Court will be thinking of more topics and bundles encounters to tickle your extravagant. Victoria Court's fantasy is to provide for you the ideal experience for that unique breakthrough. Victoria Court's vision is to be THE ideal host at that flawless minute. 

Find your Sweet escape, Party Beyond Ordinary, Feel the qualification and let Victoria Court offer with you #thevcexperie

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