WATTPAD PRESENTS celebrates love month with four new stories

As TV5 intensifies its  offering this Love Month it is bringing the most requested romantic stories from the world’s largest online community of readers and writers. 

The next batch of stories for its second season this February 16, WATTPAD PRESENTS give Wattpad fans more reasons to be excited to watch the much-awaited TV adaptations of their favorite Wattpad novels.

Appearing this February 16 is the first of the accompanying four stories in this second season's second cluster of WATTPAD PRESENTS – "Cupid's Fools" by Pajama Addict, which at this moment has 5.5 million scrutinizes and more than 151,000 votes on Wattpad. WATTPAD PRESENTS "Cupid's Fools" is top-charged by Ahron Villena and Sophie Albert in a story that begins with an envision relationship that prompts something more than they foreseen. 

Ahron portrays the piece of heartthrob Aleph, who has looks, the brains, the offer and practically all the qualities of a faultless individual. In any case Aleph is nursing a broken heart from his relationship with Monette (played by Danielle Lee). Aleph hits a course of action with the beautiful however lovelorn Ingrid (Sophie Albert) and they both proclaim to be noteworthy others to make Monette desirous. What takes after is a persuading wind that will make every viewer tune in reliably to see how Aleph and Ingrid's envision love story blossoms into a real one. WATTPAD PRESENTS "Cupid's Fools" falsification from February 16 to 20.

Taking after the week after is WATTPAD PRESENTS "Ex Ko Ang Idol N'yo", an adorable tale around a young lady who sees herself as a failure and even feels more hopeless when she figures out that her ex has turned into an extremely mainstream VIP and no one would accept that he was ever in an association with her. Sublime Alejo assumes the part of Chanel, the ex of Calix (depicted by Ranz Kyle of the boyband Chicser). The story is initially composed by Shaicee and now has 4.8 million peruses and 41,000 votes on Wattpad. What will a failure like Chanel do to catch the consideration of an ex who has now turned into each young lady's dream? Has acclaim secured all sentiments Calix has for Chanel? Is there trust for both of them to get back together again notwithstanding the totally diverse planets they now live in? WATTPAD PRESENTS "Ex Ko ang Idol N'yo" affectation from February 23 to 27. 

The following story is a sort of unrealistic bit of a decently cherished tall tale. In WATTPAD PRESENTS "Intense Ella", the hero exists the normal under-special and mistreated life of Cinderella yet the main distinction is, as opposed to holding up for her ideal man to come and salvage her from her corrupt life, this maid in trouble does not trust in intimate romance. Meet Ella (Katrina Velarde a.k.a. Suklay Diva), a cynic who has an astringent tackle everything in life. Until the day she meets Ashley (Phytos Ramirez), the grounds pulverize whose solid vicinity and appeal appear to have no impact on Ella. Will Ashley be the one to supplant all the astringency in Ella's heart with sweetness and positive thinking? With 1 million peruses and 12,938 Wattpad votes, WATTPAD PRESENTS "Intense Ella" show from March 2 to 6. 

Last of the second group of WATTPAD PRESENTS season 2 stories is "My Fiance Since Birth", based from the story composed by Kagome_Annah, with 4,8 million peruses and 41,000 votes on Wattpad. Featuring Yassi Pressman and Vin Abrenica, WATTPAD PRESENTS "My Fiance Since Birth" recounts the story of Alyssa (Yassi Pressman), a young lady who has constantly accepted that there is one and only man implied for her, and that man is no other than Van, the kid who advised her mom that he will wed her back when she was still in her mom's womb. 

Alyssa has never met Van, however she grew up accepting that he will come back to stay faithful to his obligation to wed her, subsequently she doesn't enthrall suitors or permit whatever other gentleman to get into her life. Until Alyssa meets Vincent (Vin Abrenica), somebody she pledges not to like in spite of his overwhelming appeal – and all in light of the fact that she is holding up for her life partner Van. Will Alyssa have the capacity to clutch Van or will Vincent transform her viewpoint on adoration? Will she understand that the one before her matters as much as the man she has been aching for all her life? 

WATTPAD PRESENTS "My Fiance Since Birth" pretense from March 9 to 13. 

All these and all the more as WATTPAD PRESENTS regards the uproar from fans, perusers and supporters to bring the most exciting and kilig Wattpad love stories. Wattpad Presents show Monday to Friday at 9pm. More photos below:


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