Romancing The Homes: Modern Living TV Valentine’s Day Episode with hosts Bianca Gonzalez & Stephanie Zubiri

Love is in the air and so at Modern Living TV and its hosts Bianca Gonzalez & Stephanie Zubiri. This week’s Valentine’s Day celebration episode is about Romancing at Home -  Stephanie Zubiri got a lesson on food preparation for two with Chef Gino Gonzalez and  the space set-up for the mood of love.  

To make the love celebration more special, find out what the year of the sheep has in store for you in the love department as Bianca Gonzalez got a help from Feng Shui expert and astrologer Master Hanz Cua.

Come celebrate love with hosts Bianca Gonzalez and Stephanie Zubiri at Modern Living TV this Saturday February 14, 6pm at ANC Channel with a replay on Sunday  10am.

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