Experience extreme adventure and extreme relaxation at Tree Top Adventure Baguio, the only motorized zipline in the Philippines and the only Team Building facility in Baguio. With seven outdoor activities and team building facilities, located within Camp John Hay, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking breathtaking views, Tree Top Adventure Baguio offers an adventure of a lifetime.

For the daredevil who need to experience amazing exploit, you may need to experience their Tree Drop in which you'll be suspended 60 feet over the ground, mission inconceivable style and you'll be falling as quick as 2 to 3 seconds. 

This Tree Top's most great movement costs Php 150.00 just and this is one approach to truly extinguish your hunger for adrenaline hurry. You may likewise need to attempt rides done in matches: the Superman Ride and Silver Surfer. 

As the name infers, you'll be ziplining, Superman Style, 200 meters in length, 150 feet over the ground, however as opposed to doing it simply advances, you would likewise be ziplining rearward. Silver Surfer is a 60 degree slanting mechanized zipline in which you'll be remaining on a particular stage and you'll be skimming here and there for three cycles. 

Expect that there would be stops and swings for each cycle. For Php 300.00 and Php 200.00 individually, you could encounter what superheroes feel as they fly and coast through the air. 

For the individuals who need to experience amazing unwinding, you could attempt the Canopy and Funicular ride which costs Php350.00. 

The Canopy is like the idea of link autos, however rather, you'll be situated on link seats in which you'll be exchanging starting with one station then onto the next until you finish every one of the eight stations. 

When you achieve the station four of the Canopy, you would stroll for around 2 to 3 minutes to have the capacity to achieve the interfacing ride of Canopy which is the Funicular ride. 

This ride is like the idea of lift, however, as opposed to remaining up, you'll be situated. 

This is in any event a path for you to vanquish your trepidation of statures. 

In any case, on the off chance that you truly have great apprehension of statures, you could simply benefit the Trekking and Skywalk in which you would stroll around Tree Top's region and go up the skywalk zone, or the review deck in which you could see the mountains of Itogon, Benguet, the purported, old Baguio some time recently. 

You could stay at the Skywalk ranges long as you need to take pictures and feel the icy breeze.

If your company plans to have a convention or seminar at Baguio, you might want to experience Tree Top's Team Building Activities which includes two high element activities (Tree Drop and Silver Surfer), five low element activities, boodle lunch and facilitators for just Php 800.00 per head only. 

The activities would really challenge each member and how they work with their workmates. Work and play, as the cliché says!

You might also want to try another branch of Tree Top Adventure Subic located at the JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

For more information, you could contact (074) 442-0800 or 0932 404 1112. You could also visit www.treetopadventureph.com. To be more updated, you may like www.facebook.com/treetopadventurecamp and follow Tree Top on Instagram-www.instagram.com/tree_top_adventure.

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