As adidas Originals returns with the all new Superstar shoe. Watch adidas ambassadors Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Damian Lillard, and Rita Ora question what it really means to be a superstar in 2015.

Whether its 1969 or 2015 one thing is certain – there is no short cut to being a Superstar.
Watch the short film from adidas Originals, directed by Karim Huu Do, on what it means to be a
Superstar in 2015 here: http://a.did.as/superstarfilm

At the point when the Superstar shoe was initially propelled by adidas in 1969, the expression "Superstar" was unambiguous. 

Today, the saying has been defiled to the point of disarray. So not long from now adidas.

Firsts sets out to question what it intends to be a superstar. 

For performer and inventive, Pharrell Williams, the significance is clear; "It's not about the quantity of perspectives, likes or shares". While incredibly famous footballer David Beckham announcements; "It's not about attempting to be the following huge thing." 

"It's not about having your name on a banner or a pullover", echoes ace ball player Damian 

Lillard, while artist musician Rita Ora states: "It's not about following in another person's strides." 

Whilst these "Superstars" have all had diverse innovative excursions, their unique inspirations from  when they began stay in place. Pharrell had a convincing need to make music. Beckham simply needed to be the best footballer he could be. They weren't pursuing popularity; distinction was a result of their commitment and diligent work.

Photos of the Superstars:


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