The CONS Weapon is a modern take on sports-inspired street wear combining tech innovation with classic colors and notable design elements from the original iconic CONS silhouette. 

The CONS Weapon is recalibrated with a sleek, streamlined silhouette, updated construction, a bold logo on the tongue and signature Y Bar, and an internal Y Bar for added comfort. 
Available Colors: Black White, Black Purple, Red Blue, White, Black
Converse: Sneakers 
for all season

With the country's almost unpredictable weather, Converse takes pride of having a wide array of collection that is perfect all-year round. Be it sunny outside or raining cats and dogs, you'll surely have a pair of sneakers to brave whatever the color of the sky is.

The All-Star collection is updated with new exciting patterns, colors and design silhouettes, making it suitable for different events you have to attend this year. With this year's holidays and long school breaks, everyone—from kids to teens, to young adults and the entire family—can showcase their cool pair of sneakers in different tourist destinations or even just in malls. Converse sneakers are perfect for traveling, adventure seeking, and chilling out. Shoes have to stay in the background because being boring and conformist is a big no this year!

To even magnify their newest collection, Converse has also brought back its collaboration with legendary rock band, Black Sabbath, and iconic contemporary menswear designer, John Varvatos; aside from its wide range of classic staple Chuck Taylors. The new prints and fabrications reflect the distinct strong personality of Varvatos, while the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath collection displays iconic photos and album artwork.

With the new designs, Converse opted for a monochromatic assemblage with new profiles and elevated detailing which can endure rainy days or mud pits. One should not fret about getting it grubby even in the wildest outdoor music festival there is. The Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber is water resistant due to its French terry lining with a rubber upper. It is completed with a gusseted tongue and brass eyelets.

Self-expression is one of the major reasons for choosing sneakers. When it comes to range of hues and designs, nothing beats Converse. Even better, the Converse sneakers provide a blank canvas that wearers can modify as they go on expressing individual tastes, moods, philosophies, and personal statements. Think of the many possibilities it can create to achieve your OOTD!

And helping put together your desired look, the Converse CONS apparel collection has a spectacle of sports-inspired outwear with graphic bold prints. The collection is fueled by street culture and includes cool mixed-media hoodies with camo mixed and vintage heather gray, quilted shirt jackets, and graphic tees. The impressive roster intertwines effortlessly with the rebellious and creative drive of CONS.

With Converse, you'll always put your best foot spa this 2015!


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