While we are just mere days away before Pope Francis makes his historic visit to the country, the anticipation and excitement of the entire nation for his arrival was already felt even way back, none more evident than when TV5, together with PLDT and SMART,  introduced its official Papal visit campaign hashtag, #DearPopeFrancis.

            Since this interactive online campaign was officially launched just before the Holiday rush last year – which also coincided with the introduction of the Kapatid Network’s one-of-a-kind website,www.DearPopeFrancis.ph – an unprecedented number of netizens from all over the world have spiritedly participated in TV5’s invitation to proclaim their joy and love for the Holy Pope by initially sending their personal greetings and welcome messages to him via various social media platforms, while including the hashtag, #DearPopeFrancis, in their respective posts.

            Aside from these greetings and messages, netizens have likewise taken notice of the very personal and meaningful tone that TV5’s Papal visit campaign hashtag carries, and have used the same to offer their special petitions, intentions and prayers to Pope Francis.

            Specifically, the overwhelming response of online-savvy individuals to TV5’s #DearPopeFrancis campaign was most especially felt and expressed on Twitter, where to date, over 2 billion (and still growing) impressions of the Kapatid Network’s hashtag have been garnered, in just a span of one month – thereby making #DearPopeFrancis the most used Papal visit-dedicated hashtag in the entire country.

            Indeed, the unparalleled response and excitement of the Filipino people to this historic event is clearly manifested through the record number of tweets using the #DearPopeFrancis hashtag. And with the country’s preparations for the Pope’s arrival already well underway, TV5 invites even more Filipinos from all walks of life to proudly showcase the world-renowned Filipino hospitality and to keep pouring in their messages of love and well-wishes to our #DearPopeFrancis across all social media platforms.

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