There are many things to be thankful about theses days. Thanks to KATG for letting us watch the movie Past Tense with Xian Lim and Kim Chiu in Promenade.

It is very impressive to know how Kimxi managed to go from one block screening to another.

The support from their fans is overwhelming.

In this movie I guess they were able to bring what the fans wants to really see. Expectations were more than granted.

The film was successful in giving entertainment which is the way it is being celebrated by the movie fans.

Kim and Xian received a lot of emotional cheers because they were true to themselves when they kissed and loved in the film. Real kissing scenes are effective.

If they were real life lovers then it can be one more reason to make their fans cheer out.

Visually it was a funny film. Laughters and cheers are awesome to hear. I think it was a well written concept but it only lacks the final touches of a concern writer.

The post production was impressive because it is very hard to edit and manipulate prosthetics(Xian Lim).

I can say that the film is likely to romantic pocketbook novel. It is very ideal.

It is not an ugly film at all but the ending is so predictable.

Check out the photos during the Past Tense block Screening in Promenade.

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